One of the most popular sports for gambling in the world is horse racing. There are a lot of tracks all over the world. Stakes can reach thousands of dollars just for a single race. Horses and jockeys are training on a daily basis. The animals have to be on a special training regime and diet to become world class champions. Jockeys are usually not more than 50kg (this is needed for achieving better speed). Celebrities and rich people from all over the world are owners of some of the best horses in this sport. There are a lot of places where you can buy horses for racing, and one of the most popular last days is Dream The site has offers from breeders and owners from all over the world. There are lists of missing, gaited, wanted and even free horses. You can find stallions or trade your horse for another one from the site. Auctions are also part of the site's ways of buying/selling horses. There are also horses on leasing, and adopting is a well-known practice among fans and breeders. There is a community section on the site, where you can find alerts for frauds or follow the site on Twitter and Facebook. The section also has a blog, message forum, and success stories. Ads are usually posted with pictures and information about the horse's bloodline and achievements, along with the price or desired trade. You can search by breeds, seller name, location, horse name, horse ID and even zip code. Dream also has and instructional videos, news and announcements and new horse seller instructions. There is a whole section with post related questions and tips, so you can post your ad like a pro with just a few minutes of experience with the site. The site developers are always open to suggestions and questions about their service and they are very happy when someone who found his dream horse on their site shares a story or two about it. If you are a seller you can easily keep track of what is happening with your animal. If you want the site will send you daily mails with new ads and results from races. So next time when you are searching for a horse or just want to know what the prices on the market are log in to and every little thing about horse selling/buying is waiting there for you.

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